It’s been a while since we made any major branding or website changes and we thought it was about time we had a little update.


We started with creating a new logo which is a condensed version of our larger logo which will remain on our fleet.  The new logo will be used across our online and offline marketing.



On our Facebook page you will see our new header is now in place.  We love the simplicity and the image reminds us of tours to some of the beautiful Scottish destinations that we visit.

The biggest change is our new website.  It’s a significant departure from our old website and gives us the opportunity to conduct more of our business online.  Of course we’re still available to talk to on the phone, but we can also take bookings online, via email and across our social media channels.  We feel this is a great benefit for our busy clients. These changes will allow us to serve our customers better which has always been a priority for us.